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5 Ways To Decorate With Your Leftover Ceramic Patio Tiles

Ceramic tile is durable, cost effective, and easy to maintain, making it a great choice for your patio floors. You may end up with leftover ceramic tiles after your contractor is finished installing your new patio flooring, but it doesn't have to collect dust in the garage. Here are five ways you can decorate your home with those leftover tiles:

Create a Kitchen Backsplash

A great way to add some color to your kitchen without taking away from the counter space is to create a backsplash along the counters using your ceramic tiles. You can line the entire countertop if enough tiles are available, or choose specific areas to cover such as:

  • Over the oven.
  • Behind the sink.
  • The section behind your appliances.

It is also possible to create a backsplash for the fridge by covering the wall behind it with your tiles so they protrude out around the fridge when it's in place.

Add Some Depth to the Bathtub

You can quickly and easily enhance the look of your bathtub by lining the top of it with your leftover ceramic tiles. Alternatively, you can create a tile centerpiece on the wall of your bathtub stall of just about any size. Consider framing the tub faucet or showerhead to add some pizzazz.

It's a good idea to use a carpenter's pencil to draw an outline for your tiles so they're installed exactly where they need to be the first time. This will minimize the chance that you'll have to take the tiles down and reattach them in a different location.

Frame Some Office Wall Art

Using a piece of heavy-duty cardboard as a canvas, you can mix and match your leftover ceramic tiles to create your own wall art. Leave a border at least an inch in width so you can frame the art, although you probably won't be able to frame it in glass. Wooden, plastic, and ceramic frames without a front surface works best. The frames will need a strong back to support the weight of the ceramic art. You may even want to superglue the cardboard your ceramic tiles are adhered to on to the back of the frame for optimal safety and support.

Spruce up Your Fireplace

Make your fireplace look brand new again by attaching your ceramic tiles around it. Ideally you should cover the fireplace's hearth, the face, and the interior chimney. But if you don't' have enough tiles to cover that much ground, create a patterned design with them that covers the most surface space possible. If a particular part of the fireplace, like the hearth, is in noticeably worse shape than the rest of the fireplace, it may be worth using all your tiles to cover just that space instead of trying to space them out.

Cover a Table Surface

Instead of throwing out an outdated or worn end table, make a new surface for it by covering it with ceramic tiles. Break the tiles into small pieces and then superglue them on your table like a puzzle, or simply frame the edges of it and cover the middle with a piece of thin wood.

You can also use a tile cutter to create unique shapes to fit into your table design. Don't be afraid to create multiple layers on the surface by stacking your tiles in the middle or on the corners. If you end up cutting and stacking your tiles, make sure to sand their edges until they become dull.

You don't have to do any of these projects yourself – ask your contractor, like Star Tile Co Slate Tile,if they can help you do them before they clean up from the patio flooring project they're already there for.