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Having An Enclosed Deck Built? Keep It Protected In Style With These Décor Ideas

Having new enclosed decks built is a great way to extend your living space that can be used as a porch or a sunroom, creating a comfortable outdoor experience. To keep your new enclosed deck looking fresh and new throughout the years, it's a good idea to decorate your outdoor space protection from the outdoor elements in mind. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Paint the Surface

Painting your new deck not only provides an effective seal against moisture buildup and a solid barrier from sun damage, but it can positively affect your mood while you spend time in the space. Here are some awesome options to consider:

  • Use red to raise energy levels.
  • Encourage happiness with hues of yellow.
  • Bring down your blood pressure with shades of blue.
  • Incorporate purple to add a touch of elegance.

Use two coats of paint on your deck and finish things off with a clear sealant to make it shine and to keep the paint from chipping when it is walked on. If your enclosed deck will not be insulated, it's a good idea to use paint that is designed specifically for outdoor use as it can handle the outdoor elements better than the kind you'd use for interior walls.

Incorporate Throw Rugs

A fun way to protect your new decking and to add some flair to your space is to incorporate throw rugs. They'll insulate the floor and keep the space warmer, making it easy to spend time there during morning and evening hours when it tends to be cold outside.

Look for a high stitch count for optimal insulation and deck protection – a thin rug with a high stitch count will perform better than a thick one with a smaller stitch count. Wool rugs offer excellent insulation protection, but they do require cleaning on a regular basis to maintain a fresh look. Other viable options that don't require a lot of care and maintenance include acrylic, nylon, and cotton.

You can use one big rug to cover the majority of your deck, but you won't see much of the deck once it's in place. If you want to show off your deck, use a series of small throw rugs in front of seating and in the middle of the space so some of the decking is visible throughout.

Hang Some Shades

Installing honeycomb shades in front of windows or screens in your enclosed deck provides protection for your floor throughout the year and for yourself while you spend time in the space during daylight hours. New honeycomb shades keep UV rays from penetrating your skin, your furniture, and the decking. They also help to keep moisture out of the space and from building up on your floors.

And you can even count on your honeycomb shades to reduce noise penetration from outside areas of your space. Choose light colored shades so that sunlight can still filter through them when they're closed. This will eliminate the need for using electrical lighting during the day, which can save you some money on your monthly energy bills.

Plant a Couple Trees

Planting a couple deciduous trees around the exterior of your enclosed deck space will keep it cool during the summer and warm during the winter. They also add charm and incorporate natural elements into the space. Not to mention, planting trees in your yard may very well increase your property value by up to 20 percent. Plant them along the sides of the deck that get direct sunlight during the day, making sure to place them far enough away that if a branch falls off, it won't hit the roof.

Just one or two of these options will help to keep your deck in tip-top condition throughout the years so you don't end up having to deal with chipping, rotting, and sun damage.